Content Writer Can Take Your Web Strategy to the Next Level in 2018

June 12, 2018
emily amos

A new year brings new strategies in the world of web strategy. Keeping up with the latest changes can get tricky. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research here at Word Savvy, and are bringing you 4 easy-to-implement findings that will allow your content writer to take your web strategy to the next level in 2018. Keep reading to find out the details:

1.     Ensure your website loads quickly

Google announced earlier this year that they will be making site speed an even more important factor in their algorithm—this means that websites that load faster will be favoured over slow-loading sites when people do a Google search.

Searches completed on a cell phone will be especially affected by this change, so review your data to get a sense of just how many of your website visitors are using their phones to find your company or companies like yours. Since more than half of Google searches happen on mobile, these algorithm changes should matter more to you than ever before.

Some factors that slow down the loading speed of your website include:

  • using too many plugins
  • using images that are very large in size and haven’t been compressed
  • adding too many JavaScript files

2.     Invest in great content writers

Not only does your content need to be well-researched and high quality—it also needs to be memorable. Memorable content is content that is unique, personalized and applicable to your readers.

Your content needs to serve two purposes:

  1. keep current customers engaged
  2. encourage word-of-mouth sharing

Creating unique, memorable and useful content is a big ask from your already busy marketing team. So, what’s the solution? Outsource your content writing. Hire an experienced content writer for your blog posts, case studies, ebooks or web content and take your content to the next level in 2018.

When thinking about outsourcing your writing, don’t just choose anyone. Find a content writer who is fluent in audience-centric content styles and has a great grasp of your niche industry. Brief your content writer so that you can prepare them for success. For a step-by-step guide to equipping your content writer, visit my blog post called How to Brief a Copywriter for Successful Content.

3.     Visuals are more important than ever

Visually rich and interactive websites get more hits and conversions because they create deeper attachments between brands and consumers.

Also consider the fact that visual content is easily shareable. Whether your company is looking to include a video tutorial or a helpful infographic on your website, making your content more visually engaging keeps visitors on your site for longer stretches of time.

Visual elements you (or your content writer) can consider including on your website to increase engagement are:

  • video testimonials
  • animated case studies
  • live social media feeds
  • research-based infographics

4.     Enhance your website for deeper connections with your customers

Just having a website won’t cut it anymore if you’re trying to stay connected and relevant to your audience. Website visitors are looking for more interactive and engaging experiences.

Optimize your website for real conversations with your visitors. Whether it’s with a comment section on your blog or a live chat option on your homepage, you (or your content writer) will be creating a more meaningful connection with your visitor if they can interact with you directly, outside of a formal email or phone call.

Keeping your visitors satisfied over and over again means that your visitors are more likely to:

  • feel connected to you and your brand
  • remember who you are
  • remember what you offer (and how that benefits them)
  • tell a friend about you

Consider how you (or your content writer) can make your website more engaging and interactive for your website visitor—online relationship-building is becoming a normal expectation as individuals interact with brands online. If you’re not putting in the effort to connect with your online visitors, there’s a chance they could perceive you as insincere and click away from your website.

Keep up-to-date to stay ahead of the curve

As mentioned in the introduction of this blog, web strategies are constantly evolving and changing. It’s the everyday online user who calls the shots as to which direction the newest effective trend will take. Keep your ears open and listen to your target audience’s online activity. It’s through their behaviour that you will be able to determine the next leading strategy.

Which of the above 4 principles do you think will be the most important one of the year and why? Tell me in the comment section below.


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