Case Studies: 10 Effective Ways to Use Them in Your Marketing Plan

October 10, 2017
emily amos

Have you squeezed every ounce of marketing gold out of your case studies? As a valuable part of any marketing plan, they are so much more than a standalone item. Realize their full potential by taking advantage of their incredible versatility.

Give them their own page on your website

Make it easy for users to find your treasure trove of positive client experiences by creating a page on your website that brings all your case studies together.

Put them on landing pages              

In our Simple Tips to Make B2B Landing Pages that Convert blog post last year, we highlighted the importance of showcasing testimonials, results and benefits on landing pages. Accomplish these 3 things in a seamless way by putting case studies on your landing pages.

Use them in LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn is a B2B hotspot. You need to stay active on LinkedIn, and creating a new LinkedIn post for each case study is an easy way to do this.

Gated resources + case studies = lead generation

Use them to generate leads on your website by using them as gated resources. Put together a sample of your high-value case studies and put them behind a form.

Customize emails with case studies

The Salesforce 2016 State of Marketing Report stated that 80% of marketers agree that email is core to their business. Case studies provide a powerful opportunity to target new leads with examples of how your business has been successful. Reading about the success others have had with your company builds trust and credibility with new leads.

Blog about them

Coming up with fresh content for your blog can be challenging. Case studies provide relevant, quality content for your blog. Drive traffic to your case studies with a blog post that touches on a few key points from the study.


Although newsletters are not a new marketing tool, they’re still a valuable part of your marketing toolkit. Be sure to show off relevant case studies in your newsletters. It’s always nice to be able to announce new ones, but don’t be afraid to bring together a few older ones that are pertinent to the product or service you choose to highlight in your current issue.

Don’t forget PDFs

We have been focusing on marketing opportunities for case studies online, but don’t overlook the value of hard copies. Providing PDF versions of your case studies enables your sales and marketing team to use them in face-to-face meetings and promotions.


Add them to digital sales presentations and online presentations such as SlideShare. Build trust and confidence with prospects as you spotlight how your B2B product or service has been effective for past or current clients—in their words, not yours.

Tweet, tweet, and tweet some more

Keep your Twitter feed full of tweets about B2B successes and happy clients. Tweet about each case study, and make sure you provide your clients and web users with an easy way to tweet about you.

Are your case studies reaching their full potential? Are you ready to take them to the next level? Need help getting started? Contact us today.


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