3 Tips for Boosting Your Local Business’ Online Visibility in a Big Way

October 9, 2018
emily amos

If your target audience is within your local geographic market, then your marketing initiatives will likely include engaging with and reaching out to local prospects. It’s important that any target audience, regardless of who they are, is able to find you or come across your messaging to enhance your online visibility.

How can you boost your business’ online visibility so that you can get noticed by local prospects—and secure more customers or clients for your offering? Here are my top 3 tips for boosting your online visibility in the local market:

1. Update your website regularly

Google favours websites that are considered more active. This is dictated by how often you make updates to the website itself. There are several easy ways to update your company’s website without making pointless tweaks to the content on your website. These adjustments include:
· updating your blog
· allowing for a comment section on original content
· changing out older testimonials with more recent ones
· updating your News & Events or Recent Updates sections

It is recommended that your website be adjusted as often as possible to increase your online visibility, but that can be hard to do if your team is smaller, or only consists of one employee. Make it easy on yourself, and aim to update your company’s website at least once a month.

2. Get listed locally

When it comes to getting noticed on a local basis, your online visibility will benefit greatly from being listed on local websites directories. Consider joining a reputable group or organization that is well known in your city and allows you to network with other businesses. Include your contact information and website URL in the directory listing so that online users can find out more about you, or reach out with inquiries. Your listings, if there are multiple, should be consistent with one another in wording and messaging.

Be sure to update your listing when appropriate—outdated listings don’t produce results. Each time your business undergoes a change, make it a habit to consider whether your local listings need to be changed as well.

3. Maintain a consistent social media presence

Businesses often get caught in the trap of lacking consistency with their online presence—one of those major ways is through neglecting social media profiles.

Updating your social media on a regular basis has many benefits for visibility. These can include:
· improving your SEO
· keeping your brand and business top-of-mind
· putting your messaging in front of local eyes
· prospecting to new customer or clients
· building new business relationships

Social media searches through search engines are gaining traction, and this is often the place users will visit to understand your brand and the values that you stand for. This is also a place where users can interact with you in a more engaging and transparent way. Social media creates many quality opportunities to boost local online visibility, and should not be put on the back burner of your marketing strategy.

While your business contacts might take a vacation, consistent online visibility never does.

Locals tend to operate mostly through word of mouth, but developing an in-person rapport and reputation shouldn’t be the only form of marketing you count on. It’s important to increase your chances of being found in every way possible, and you shouldn’t discount the potential of being found online even if you only operate locally.

Are there other ways you try to increase your online visibility with local prospects?


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